Inner-west schools and property prices

Andrew Degn

A range of locational factors set some property above others when it comes to desirability. From nearby public transport options through to being within walking distance of a great café hub, many homes sell off the back of being in a particularly prime spot.

But some of the biggest positional price drivers over recent years have related to those which benefit family buyers, and top of the list is being close to great schooling.

Having access to highly regarded schools will see purchaserspay a hefty premium for the right family home. In fact, being in the right school’s zone can translate into tens – or even hundreds – of thousands more in sale price. Best of all, it bolsters the home’s long-term capital growth potential.

This is a particularly potent force as we move into the festive season. While many of us locals will be stopping work and celebrating, there are others throughout Australia and overseas who are planning to relocate to south-east Queensland in 2023. For this group, lining up a great home in a highly regarded school catchment will be a priority throughout December and January.

So, if you’re interested in buying real estate in Brisbane’sinner west, what are some of the great schools that are worthchecking out as part of your research?

Government schools

While there are plenty of upsides to a private school education, there’s no doubt our government schools are among the best in the country. We’re seeing many parents (particularly those with younger children) take advantage of this wonderful opportunity in the inner west. As such, many buyers will chase housing that’s within a specific school catchment.

School catchments are those geographically defined areasfrom which the bulk of their student population must be sourced. This has seen instances where housing on one side of the catchment line will sell for appreciably more compared toanother just up the road but not within the catchment boundary.

The Queensland government has a handy online map which lays out state school catchments areas, so click the link and have a look.

While schools throughout our local area deliver top-notch educational experiences, here are a few that have proved particularly popular, so it’s well worth knowing where their catchment boundaries sit.

Milton State School

Located adjacent to Rosalie Village in Paddington, this school is an excellent choice if you want to celebrate the end of the day by sharing a gelato or hot chocolate with your youngster.

Milton State School is full of history, opening in 1889, and offers schooling from Prep to Year 6. It has just under 700 students. The adjacent Gregory Park is fenced and serves as a fantastic playground area for students too.

The recently upgraded facilities are wonderful. Also, despite extensive damage from the January 2022 floods, residents rallied around this favourite institution and got it back on its feet. It really is a central hub of community spirit in Paddington/Rosalie.

Kelvin Grove State College

Long considered a school of excellence, Kelvin Grove State College has been an eagerly sought-after institution for decades. Its ethos is embedded in engaging with experts and facilities beyond the school itself to help foster students’particular talents.

With around 3500 students, the school offers Prep to Year 12 education. Located close to the Queensland University of Technology campus means students can take advantage of proximity to this outstanding tertiary centre, plus the village facilities at Kelvin Grove.

Bardon State School

A family school facility offering education from Prep to Year 6 to around 330 students, this is another community-oriented primary school that does our western suburbs proud. 

Bardon State School is surrounded by classic, beautiful homes on good size blocks and is within walking distance of outlets such as Bardon Shed – so an after-school snack with mum and dad is always on the cards.

Ironside State School

Established in 1870 and positioned high on the hill in St Lucia, Ironside State School is one of the most desirable institutions in the inner west. Offering classes from Prep to Year 6 and catering to around 1100 students, the school has a rich tradition of exceptional education.

Surrounded by remarkable housing with a long history of excellence, this school is in one of the most affluent suburbs in Brisbane. If you want to be among professional families looking for the best educational outcome for their offspring, then Ironside should be high on your priorities list.

Private Schools

As with public schools, the private school options in and around the inner west are among the country’s finest educational facilities. Families from across the country and the world choose to have their sons and daughters attend many of the schools in our area – but it’s better still to just to live here and enjoy all that Brisbane’s best suburbs have to offer.

Here’s a sample of local private schools driving demand.

Brisbane Boys College

As my alma mater, I was always going to give Brisbane Boys College (BBC) top billing in this private school list.

This outstanding all-boys college in Toowong delivers schooling from Prep to Year 12 to around 1700 students andprovides an extraordinary depth of opportunity to its students. No matter where their talents lay – academia, sports or the arts – the programs at BBC nurture and encourage students in asupportive environment that’s full of opportunity.

BBC has a storied history dating back to 1902 with expansive grounds and extensive facilities.

St Peters Lutheran College

St Peters Lutheran College is a co-educational facility that delivers Prep to year 12 education to close to 2000 students and includes day students as well as boarders.

Covering 21 hectares of grounds, the campus rolls across the Indooroopilly landscape with facilities that would put institutions in Sydney or Melbourne to shame. St Peters offers support and resources across a diverse range of disciplines to create a leading independent institution.

Stuartholme School

Sitting high on the hill in Bardon, Stuartholme School looks down imposingly from its crest-top position with views across the suburbs and to the CBD.

Stuartholme is an all-girls school established in 1920 which provides Year 7 to Year 12 education to around 700 students. The school will be introducing Years 5 and 6 in 2024. The institution prides itself on being a smaller facility delivering large opportunities to its student body. The school’s mantra is very much about the strength of the school community and the attention given to each student as party of that community.

Brisbane Grammar School

Regarded by many as the premier private school in our city, Brisbane Grammar School is an all-boys institution founded in 1868. Sitting on the ridge of Spring Hill with an outlook across the CBD, the school is known for its extraordinary academic standing. The 2021 senior cohort saw a median ATAR of 95.3, with 11 of its students achieving the topmost ATAR rank of 99.95 (only 32 students were awarded this rank across the entire state).

The school offers Year 5 to Year 12 curriculums and has around 1800 students.

If you have a son, are all for the ‘old school tie’ tradition and are looking for an institution steeped in history and academia, Brisbane Grammar School will be on your shortlist.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Brisbane Girls Grammar School is positioned on Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill. This all-girls school is the sister institution to Brisbane Grammar School which is located just next door. Brisbane Girls Grammar School also promotes a similar ethic around academia and co-curricular. Established in 1875, the school has a student population of around 1500 across Years 7 to 12.

Its 2021 senior group achieved an outstanding median ATAR of 96.25, with two students achieving the rank of 99.95.

Like it’s all-male counterpart, Brisbane Girls Grammar School is seen as one of our county’s most elite private institutions.

Cashed up family buyers are always eager to make schooling a priority on their must-have tick lists when purchasing a home. It’s a facet that helps drive solid demand for housing, and translates into great long-term capital growth potential for savvy buyers.