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Place Property is one of the leading real estate agencies Brisbane has to offer. We are an energetic team of fully licensed Brisbane real estate agents and auctioneers who specialise in selling residential properties. To prove that we can go above and beyond for our clients, we offer unparalleled negotiating and auctioneering skills – which we will execute to your advantage.

Many other real estate agencies in Brisbane attempt to leverage their market knowledge, but at Place, we strongly believe that buyers and sellers deserve to be informed throughout the entire process of buying or selling a house. When you work with one of our Brisbane real estate agents, they’ll make you feel confident and empowered.

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The Leading Brisbane Real Estate Agents

A property is a valuable asset, and watching a beloved home sell for less than it’s worth is an experience every seller hopes to avoid. Selling a home is a major financial and emotional undertaking, and accomplishing it successfully requires a tremendous depth of professional knowledge, confidence and exceptional negotiation skills.

Often, when sellers attempt to sell a home without the services of a professional real estate agent, they quickly discover that this process can be quite overwhelming. Without the professionalism and convenience offered by our specialist real estate agents in Brisbane, you will need to perform all the significant and menial tasks of selling the house by yourself. You will need to commit a significant amount of spare time to deal with enquiries, viewings and prices, not to mention hiring a lawyer to draft up legal contracts. While handling the task yourself will help you avoid paying an agent’s commission fee, the disadvantages and stresses can be considerable, with lots of potential pitfalls that can cost you more than a commission fee in the long run.

Qualified Brisbane Real Estate Agents

Our qualified real estate agents in Brisbane are able to provide you with legal protection and reliable access to industry professionals that can help you to successfully complete a sale. They give the significant advantage of having prior relationships with a vast number of buyers who want to buy a home in your suburb, enabling them to bring you offers on your property prior to marketing. In addition, they provide professional advice, save you time by showing your home without interrupting your schedule, lend their professional negotiation skills to help you close a deal, and are well-acquainted with real estate procedures and contracts to protect you and your property with due diligence.

All in all, a truly passionate and knowledgeable agent is worth your money because they have the necessary connections, active buyer databases, professional marketing teams, experience, education, time, energy and commitment to selling your home.

At Place Property, we take this one step further by offering multi-generational real estate experience. We are client motivated – that is, we endeavour to make our clients feel supported and happy, communicating clearly and often to keep them well informed at every stage of the selling process. We listen and take care to understand their needs and timeframe. As specialists in residential real estate, our Brisbane real estate agents take a proactive approach to selling homes by calling potential buyers, communicating with existing customers and constantly chasing new leads. We boast a strong track record of success, with most of our new clients coming to us as referrals from happy clients.

Commission or Fixed Fees

Fixed fee agents charge a flat fee, rather than a commission rate based on a percentage of the sales price. While a fixed fee is typically much lower than a commission fee, this affordability does not necessarily mean you are achieving a better deal.

For example, a fixed fee real estate agent has no vested interest in making sure your property reaches its full value potential upon sale, and you will still be charged that fee, even if your property fails to sell. If you wish to relist your property, you will be charged the flat fee again.

Furthermore, since flat-fee agents don’t typically offer a full suite of real estate services, expect a lower quality of customer service with less time spent on personal, face-to-face contact. Few fixed fee agents are top of their field, as this hybrid approach to real estate tends to attract agents with only 1-3 years of industry experience. Finally, fixed-fee agencies often adopt a cookie-cutter approach to marketing. With a fixed fee arrangement, you will need to clarify exactly what marketing is included, and this may be charged as an additional cost.

In contrast, full-service real estate agencies are usually made up of teams of agents whose level of experience is high, including industry leaders with a wealth of knowledge. These agencies often operate on a commission basis, which is designed to encourage the agent to secure you the highest possible price for your home. These property professionals know how to represent and market your individual property in a way that highlights its unique features and strengths. A good local real estate agent, incentivised by a commission and boasting a wealth of experience, can provide an exceptional level of service and help you achieve the best possible selling price.

If you want to sell at a higher price and know with confidence that your agent is working hard to achieve the best price possible for your property, Place Property is your perfect choice. Our leading real estate agents in Brisbane offer you a comprehensive service that encompasses a wide range of different skill sets and expertise. While we do charge commission, we also work hard to earn it. As expert negotiators and auctioneers, we will actively do everything we can to ensure that your home sells for a price that exceeds your expectations. There is no limit to what we can and will do for you!

The Advantage of Local Knowledge

The team at Place Property Sales is committed to providing a best in class service, leveraging our specialised local knowledge.

Our agents’ in-depth knowledge of the local area will help you discover the Brisbane suburbs that will suit you and your family best. Knowing the ins and outs of particular areas – including the most friendly neighbourhoods, best local schools and amenities – adds valuable information to your purchasing decisions.

Our Services Include:

  • Providing clients with a realistic forecast of the overall value of a home based on its location and local market trends
  • Helping vendors to understand the best selling method selection for their property
  • Facilitating professional marketing services
  • Helping to prepare your property for photos and open-homes
  • Providing professionally sourced and qualified potential buyers with access to the property
  • Organising and attending ‘Open for Inspection’ events, greeting and recording prospective buyers
  • Managing all enquiries on your behalf
  • Negotiating on your behalf to achieve optimum results
  • Preparing a Contract of Sale on your behalf
  • Providing guidance on conveyancing, legal requirements, and financial services
  • Finalising the sale through a solicitor or conveyancing specialist
  • Making your life as stress-free as possible

We have a finger on the pulse of the real estate market and keep in tune with trends and overall patterns, giving us an accurate understanding of growth areas. As one of the leading Brisbane real estate agencies, we offer personalised service, with the ability to meet with you physically and will happily keep in touch with you after your transaction is complete.

Auction With Place – The Top Real Estate Agents In Brisbane

Some Brisbane real estate agents think the best price is achieved at auction, where heightened emotions and competition among buyers can lead to heightened prices. Yet others believe that private sales are the way to go. When you’re choosing a real estate agent in Brisbane, ask them to explain their views on each approach.

We believe that skilled auctioneers give clients the best chance of selling their property at a premium price. But, when you choose to auction with Place, you’re not simply getting an auctioneer who will turn up on auction day. Our highly experienced auctioneers and Brisbane real estate agents have a depth of experience in stirring competition and highlighting the best features of your property to maximise interest. We will be there throughout the whole process of selling your property, from start to finish. We offer highly tailored, effective marketing campaigns to help you make the most of your auction opportunity. We feel this gives you an added advantage, as we will have established relationships with potential buyers of your property, and know who is standing in the crowd with a paddle in their hand.

There are no concrete rules about which types of property are better suited to an auction or private sale, but the advantages of each can include:

Private sale advantages for sellers:

  • Flexibility regarding the length of time your home is listed for sale: unlike an auction, you are not working towards one specific date so more time for sellers to consider offers
  • You are able to set the price with or without regard for the market value estimate for your property
  • Interested buyers make their offer without knowing what others are willing to pay
  • The cost of advertising can be cheaper than for auctions – no auctioneering fees

Auction advantages for sellers:

  • Auctions typically reduce the number of days your home spends on the market
  • An auction often attract more potential buyers
  • Auctions allow you to reach a wider audience with a high impact marketing campaign
  • Competitive bidding means there’s no set price limit on the property, potentially yielding you a higher sale price
  • A set date for sale can motivate potential buyers to act quickly
  • You have a guaranteed sale once any applicable reserve price is met
  • Auctions can help agents to identify the most appropriate buyers to negotiate within the instance that a sale isn’t fulfilled at auction