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There’s No Limit To What We Can Do For You

At Place Properties, we work without any predetermined price limits. What this means is that we don’t leave the valuing of your property up to restrictive algorithms that can diminish its total worth. Instead, our industry leading auctioneers offer hands-on marketing, negotiating, and auctioning services that will ensure your most valuable asset reaches its full value potential. The benefits of selling your property with Place are limitless!

Empowering People Through Excellence and Efficacy

We have a strong connection-to- place and strive to create positive changes in it. We do this by constantly evaluating and refining our marketing process to ensure that each decision we make is in the seller’s best interest.

A lot of real estate agencies choose to leverage their knowledge, but at Place we believe that sellers deserve to be informed on the impact that marketing decisions have on their assets. We’ll help you to identify potential opportunities, and to understand what your property is really worth. Why? Because we value integrity, empathy, and transparency, and it’s important to us that our clients feel confident and empowered throughout the selling process.

Ready When You Are!

We know the selling residential property is a big decisions and that you don’t want to become tangled up in red-tape or trip over at each new hurdle. At Place Property you are in safe hands. We live and breathe real estate and we’re happy to guide you through each step of the selling process to make it as easy and stress-free as possible. When we say a property is ready to go to the market, the property is well and truly ready to go to market. So if you’re ready to sell your home for what it’s truly worth, talk to the dedicated and experienced team at Place Property Today.

Timing is Everything. At Place Property we are committed to maximising the potential value of your property and the impact it has on the marketplace. We know that timing is critical within a fast-paced and constantly fluctuating residential real estate marketing, which is why calculated timing considerations underlie all of our marketing campaigns. We won’t leave anything to chance and we’ll ensure that your property stands out amongst the crowd.

We Make It Happen. With years of experience behind us, we’ve worked tirelessly to implement an end-to-end service that you can rely on. We will be actively engaged through each phase of selling your property from marketing and advertising, to negotiating and auctioneering. There is no limit to what we can do to prepare your property for sale; if you name it, we can make it happen!

A New Generation. Many of our agents have personal experience buying or selling a property and know that it can be an emotional and challenging experience. That’s why we believe in maintaining open lines of communication, championing our vendor;s rights and providing ongoing support through each stage of the selling process. We are also dedicated to sharing our unrivalled industry insights and ultimately creating a new generation of conscientious market influencers.

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