Whether you’re buying an investment property and looking for suburbs that have had strong growth or you’re just looking for a family home that you know will hold its value, you might be curious about how Inner-Brisbane suburbs have been performing. Over the past 10 and 20 years, certain suburbs have stood out. 

Though past performance is not always an indication of future growth, in an already established area such as with the Brisbane property market, we can expect to see these markets remaining strong over the long-term. This is especially true with suburbs that have had consistent growth for an extended period of time.

Australia, Victoria Bridge. Brisbane

Highest annual change in median price for houses

The top-performing two suburbs in Brisbane for house prices over the past 10 and 20 years have consistently been Paddington and Teneriffe. Highgate Hill, Woolloongabba and West End also make it onto the top five list in both scenarios. You’ll also find that price growth is led by houses rather than units in Inner-Brisbane.

Paddington is home to an array of entertainment precincts, trendy cafes, restaurants and pubs, beautiful architecture and accessibility to the CBD. Located about 15 minutes away is Teneriffe. The suburb is known for being quiet and clean with great places to eat. These suburbs are both popular with professionals and singles as well as young families. 

Paddington, Brisbane

Over 10 years

  1. Paddington (+5.39%)
  2. Teneriffe (+4.93%)
  3. Highgate Hill (+3.14%)
  4. Woolloongabba (+2.99%)
  5. West End (+2.86%)

Over 20 years

  1. Teneriffe (+9.74%)
  2. Paddington (+8.38%)
  3. Woolloongabba (+8.13%)
  4. West End (+7.56%)
  5. Highgate Hill (+7.50%)

Highest annual change in median price for units

In the most recent decade, growth for units in Inner-Brisbane hasn’t been as strong. However, when looking at the past 20 years overall, we can see that there is still a decent long-term increase in price. Red Hill and Highgate Hill appear on both top five lists, suggesting that they’ve had more consistent growth compared to other suburbs.

97 Arthur Terrace, Red Hill – Brisbane

Red Hill is the perfect mix between a modern and family-centric lifestyle. Demand for the stunning residential property is high. You’ll find boutique retailers as well as access to all the facilities and amenities you could ever need. Highgate Hill is the perfect suburb if you’re a young professional. Despite being close to the CBD, you’ll be able to find peace and quiet amongst the leafy parks and river.

Over 10 years

  1. Red Hill (+2.05%)
  2. Highgate Hill (+1.90%)
  3. South Brisbane (+1.19%)
  4. Herston (+0.83%)
  5. Paddington (+0.66%)

Over 20 years

  1. West End (+6.27%)
  2. Red Hill (+5.97%)
  3. Highgate Hill (+5.64%)
  4. Teneriffe (+5.33%)
  5. Herston (+4.91%)
Guest author: Ellen Orton is the Head of Business Operations at OpenAgent.com.au, an online agent comparison website helping Australians to sell, buy and own property.