There’s a reason Place Property has fallen head over heels for perfectly imperfect home interiors – the FEEL GOOD and sell well.

The love affair we’re having with the handmade, perfectly imperfect and boho way of life is a prime example.

We can’t get enough of artisan wares, raw and natural materials, sumptuous texture and worn patinas.

We’re opting for home comforts and unpretentious individual style over surface gloss and staged glamour, creating havens we love to come home to and places future owners can see themselves living in.

We’re giving ourselves permission to unfollow fads, to display treasures we love – no matter how uncool someone else might find them – and to go our own way. 

Let these spaces the team at Place Property have sold recently inspire your own sense of freedom at home, and may you find the respite you need there to live a more peaceful life.

Macrame and woven wall hangings are making their way into homes of all persuasions, bringing with them texture, natural fibres and a handmade aesthetic that somehow makes a house feel more like home.












And natural linen bedding ( preferably linen )  brings any bedroom an extra dose of rumpled satisfaction. This look is easily achieved with a trip to our favourite local shop Sheets on the Line located along Latrobe Terrace in Paddington.












Get your stuff out of the cupboards and proudly out on display! Mixing pieces you’ve had stored for years present opportunities for conversation during open homes.  A simple tip is to keep within the colours of a loose palette and asymmetrical arrangement. You don’t have to love eclectic style to embrace the use of old wares, repurposed goods or mismatched dinnerware – but not being a slave to interior fashions frees you up to introduce elements you love over what looks good. A relateable and authentic home is often the result.














Handmade treasures have an appeal all their own – and we’re recognising that these finds often bring far more soul to a home than mass-produced wares churned out in a factory. 












Artist Melissa McCullagh home is adorned with her amazing pottery and weaving both perfect for display


Any well-used kitchen will show wear and tear in time, but seeing those cracks, chips, and stains as marks of a life well-lived can make you love, not loathe, your cooking zone.  These kitchens are great examples of owners not fighting it and letting it all hangout.  Why not use the money you’ve saved not renovating to enhance your life in other ways? Perfect isn’t always perfect for every buyer. Some love the ultimate freedom to enjoy creating their own ideal spaces.







Enoggera Tce Sold Andrew Degn                                                                         Waterworks Rd Sold Jessie Sherring    

Timber and natural fibre is an increasingly common addition to every room of the house for the warming touch it brings. The sheer variety of grains and tones in timber – pale and fine-grained or rustic and handsome – means interiors of all styles can find their perfect match. Scandinavian-style palettes pair well with light-toned timbers, for example, while a rambling farmhouse can cope with deeper-toned rugged timber with a more pronounced grain. We love them all.

The sleeker the home, the more it can cry out for a little contrast, whether in the form of old wooden stools in a shiny new kitchen, textural natural fibres in cushions, throws, and rugs, or a touch of the handmade in artwork and other decorative accessories. And plants, the indoor plant is back and makes for a fresh boho feel and last longer than flowers when selling a home.











Selling a home in all its glory doesn’t mean making it all shiny and new!  The Place Property team love all types of homes and sometimes the more wear and tear the more personality and the more popular in the marketplace.

Homes speak volumes radiating all types of emotion.  We all want our home to bring us wellness and joy to our lives.


Homes are more about the FEEL than the LOOK GOOD.