A gorgeous kitchen is high on the priority list for people looking to buy a home. In fact, with judicious and strategic kitchen updates, you can add significant resale value to your home. Here are eight interior design ideas for kitchen spaces to help maximise the resale value of your home without breaking the bank.

Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen Spaces (2019)

#1 Paint Your Kitchen Walls

When selecting a fresh coat of paint for your kitchen, craft a classic look by using light neutral colours that make your kitchen feel open and expansive. Pair neutrals in tonal combinations or create contrast with a soft, creamy white. Warm greys, soft milky beiges, taupes and tans have broad appeal and work well for most styles of kitchens. If you have dark cabinetry and furniture, choose a softer tone for your walls to create contrast.

#2 Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

An abundance of practical storage space is highly desirable to most home buyers. In fact, kitchen cabinets are one of the first things that home buyers will notice about your kitchen. High-quality cabinetry, such as granite or custom wood cabinetry, can add ‘wow’ and offer a wonderful selling point.

Looking for a more budget-friendly option to renovate your kitchen cabinets? Repainting your existing kitchen cabinets is one of the most economical ways to give your kitchen a modern makeover. To maximise buyer appeal, it’s best to stick to light neutrals. White is a popular and timeless choice that adds a sense of airiness and cleanliness.

Alternatively, timber grain laminate closely mimics the look of timber for a more affordable price.

#3 Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Hardware

Want to give your kitchen cabinets a fresh look without swapping the entire structure for a new one? Replacing the doors and cabinet hardware such as handles is a quick, easy and affordable way to boost your kitchen’s appeal. Depending on your kitchen’s style, you might choose handles of solid brass, bronze, pewter, stainless steel, crystal or marble. This simple update can give your kitchen a completely new look and feel.

#4 Renovate Your Kitchen Countertops

If your countertops will be the focal point of your kitchen, it might be worth it to splurge more. Research suggests that home buyers especially appreciate luxury, eco-friendly countertop materials such as Cambria quartz, granite or Corian solid surface. If you’d like to achieve a luxurious finish for less, choose a less expensive countertop such as laminate, which closely imitates the look of granite. We recommend selecting a neutral colour for a timeless finish that will please most buyers.

Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen - Use of timber

   Kitchen Design – Beautiful Timber Floors

#5 Install Timber Floors

Timber floors are highly sought-after by home buyers for their aesthetics and durability. Many experts in the real estate industry believe timber flooring has the greatest resale value of all kitchen flooring materials.

Our advice is to match your choice of kitchen timber to the overall aesthetic of your home. For a clean contemporary look, opt for timbers such as pale brown Australian beech, glossy red-brown Rose Gum, or natural blond bamboo. For a more traditional aesthetic, consider golden brown cypress pine, grey Spotted Gum, or dark chocolate Ironbark. Nourish and protect your timber floors with a clear water-based polyurethane, oil sealer or hard-wax oil finish to make sure it looks its best on open days.

Want the aesthetics of timber without the price tag? Materials such as wood look vinyl provide the look of timber for a lower cost. For best results, choose luxury wood vinyl with intricate grain details that mimic the unique characteristics of real woods. Installing vinyl is DIY-friendly, which can keep your return on investment high.

#6 Boost And Update Your Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is key to creating an open and inviting space that home buyers will love. Updating old lighting fittings with fresh, contemporary lighting designs will give the whole room a lift. Decorating ideas for window treatments should be carefully considered as an important part of your whole kitchen design. Choose blinds, curtains, louvres or shutters in a modern design to maximise the natural light in your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting is a quick, relatively inexpensive investment that can improve your kitchen’s lighting and brighten up your counter space.

Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen - Use Of Tiles

 Kitchen Design: Great Use Of Tiles

#7 Install A Designer Backsplash

Updating something as simple as your kitchen backsplash can greatly improve the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Here are a few options for updating your backsplash:

  • Paint and grouting: For an instant yet affordable update, regrout or repaint over the existing tiles with a new shade. When selecting a colour, consider whether you intend to make the splashback a focal feature, or if you would prefer a neutral, subtle colour that allows another feature in your kitchen (such as your benchtops) to stand out.
  • Glass: Add luminosity and amplify the light in your kitchen with a gleaming glass splashback. Mirrored tile is a great alternative that adds a little glamour and visually expands the size of your kitchen.
  • Timber: Recycle and seal old timber panels to create a unique yet charming rustic backsplash.
  • Ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles: Install new tiles in ceramic, porcelain or stone (such as natural stone or composite stone) for a versatile look that won’t date.
  • Stainless steel tiles: For a contemporary look, choose a splashback in brushed steel.
  • Marble or travertine tiles: A classic material such as marble or travertine adds sleek sophistication to any kitchen.
  • Geometric tiles: If you want to stick to subtle neutral colours yet make your splashback a unique focal feature, a geometric tile splashback is ideal.

#8 Build A Butler’s Pantry

This one applies if you have a large kitchen space to work with. Many modern home buyers love the idea of having an open plan kitchen that doubles as an entertaining space for guests. Consider installing a butler’s pantry that will allow home buyers to prepare and clean up food away from guests. Built-in cool rooms and wine racks can also be beautiful additions, as well as integrated appliances such as dishwashers, fridges and rangehoods to create a sleek and modern feel.

Advice For Staging Your Kitchen

With a few welcoming touches, you can help your buyers envision the space as their own and feel more confident about choosing your home. Potential buyers find bright houses, filled with light, emotionally appealing. Here’s are a few ideas to help you create a welcoming atmosphere when staging your kitchen:

  • Declutter and clean your kitchen thoroughly: Clean out and organise your pantry and cupboards
  • Fill the kitchen with natural light: Open blinds, curtains and doors to invite natural light in. Make sure your kitchen has at least three sources of light.
  • Refresh timber: Apply orange oil to revitalise timber.
  • Create a welcoming, cozy feel: Place a colourful vase of flowers or bowl of fruits as decoration
  • Make it flow: Tables, chairs and decor should feel natural and open. Consult with a real estate agent if you need kitchen layout ideas to help improve your kitchen’s flow.
Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen Spaces - Clever Use Of Space

Clever Use Of Space To Create A Pantry

Final Thoughts: Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen

Updating your kitchen is one of the very best ways to improve the resale value of your home. If you’re looking for affordable ways to boost your kitchen’s resale value, we recommend the following:

  • Refresh your paintwork: Invest in a fresh coat of paint for your kitchen walls in a light neutral colour that reflects light well to create a spacious atmosphere.
  • Update your lighting: Update your kitchen lighting fixtures and under cabinet lighting.
  • Renovate your kitchen cabinets: Repaint your cabinets or update their hardware.
  • Install affordable kitchen countertops: Laminate is a great option if you’re looking for luxury style on a budget.
  • Install affordable wood look floors: Look for high-quality vinyl with a natural timber aesthetic.
  • Update your kitchen splash-back: The most affordable options are repainting, laminate and composite stone.

If you have a little more budget to play with and you’re keen to add extra wow factor, consider investing in the following:



Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen Spaces - Modern Design

Custom Kitchen Featuring Timber Floors & Custom Cabinetry

  • Replace your kitchen cabinets: Install brand new kitchen cabinetry, such as custom timber cabinetry
  • Upgrade your kitchen countertops: Replace your kitchen countertops with a luxurious solid material such as Cambria quartz, granite or solid Corian
  • Choose authentic timber floorboards: Install new timber floors or give your old timber floors a new stain
  • Create a butler’s pantry for convenient kitchen entertaining: Cater to home buyers looking for a contemporary lifestyle with an open-plan living kitchen and butler’s pantry
  • Update your splash-back: Glass, marble and travertine tiles are the most luxurious options.