Staging your home’s exterior is a powerful way to sell your home faster. Psychologically, fantastic curb appeal gives buyers a positive first impression and enhances your home’s best features. A seller’s attention to detail shows the buyer that the home has been immaculately maintained. Here are our top exterior home staging tips and recommendations to entice home-buyers.

Tips For Exterior Home Staging

Start by standing outside your home and examining your house critically from the perspective of a potential buyer. Make a note of any aesthetic aspects of your home’s exterior that look distracting or unappealing. Use your notes to draft up a list of exterior home staging projects to tackle.

#1 Wash All Exterior Surfaces

Did you know that over time, your home’s exterior may accumulate dust and mildew? While you often won’t notice this yourself, it can make a surprising difference for how ‘new’ the facade of your home looks. Pressure washing the exterior of your home is one of the simplest, most affordable ways to leave a positive impression on buyers, bringing a fresh, clean look to your property and instantly brightening up its appearance and appeal.

#2 Freshen Up Your Home’s Exterior Paint

Exterior Home Staging - Colours

If you want to make a glowing first impression, it may be worthwhile to invest in a fresh coat of paint for your exterior walls, windows and trim. The key is to think about the big picture of how the colours will work together. The colours you use to paint your home’s exterior can make or break people’s perception of your house.

Most buyers will find neutral colours such as greige, warm white, taupe and charcoal attractive. Lighter shades make a house look grander and more inviting, while darker colours suggest stability and permanence. We recommend choosing your colour in natural outdoor light, rather than interior artificial lighting, as the latter can drastically misrepresent the true colour.

Unsure of what colour to paint your window trim and architectural details? Pick a house colour you like and choose a coordinating hue by moving a couple of steps lighter or darker on the swatch card. Select a contrasting accent colour to add personality and accentuate architectural details like your letterbox and fence. Consider installing a brand new front door or painting it in a bold accent colour that complements the rest of your home’s design.

#3 Revamp Your Front Entrance

To capture the emotional interest of potential buyers, your front entrance should look warm and welcoming. Welcome potential buyers with a stylish welcome mat and colourful, eye-catching pot plants near the front door, arranged either symmetrically or in a group of three with varying heights.

#4 Install New Hardware

Check your house numbers, lighting fixtures, doorknobs and mailbox to see if they might require an update. Installing matching hardware will make your home’s aesthetic look cohesive and well put together.

#5 Tidy Up Your Landscaping

Exterior Home Staging - Landscaping

Improving your landscaping is an ideal opportunity to make your house more attractive to a buyer. Here are some ideas for renovating your garden:

Flowers, trees and shrubs

  • Make sure your trees, shrubs and grass are trimmed and healthy
  • Plant fresh flowers to brighten up your garden or yard
  • If your home has no garden or landscaping, you may want to invest in new flowers, shrubs, or tree saplings
  • Add colourful flowers to your window pot plants or window boxes
  • Remove and replace damaged or dead plants or flowers
  • If your garden is either non-existent or is very sparse, make sure that the flowers, shrubs or trees you add are mature to give a finished look


  • Make sure your flower beds frame out the exterior of your home so they become an extension of the structure
  • Add organic mulch or wood chips to your flower beds to freshen them up
  • Build decorative borders for your gardens and flower beds
  • Add accent plants to your flower beds and the entryway


  • The most cost-effective way to spruce up your front lawn is to cut and trim it regularly, using a fertiliser and weed control program and topping off any bare patches with dirt and grass seed
  • If your lawn is not in good condition, you may reseed bare patches and re-sod if necessary
  • Edging your lawn will create a crisp, clean look by emphasising the line around your garden beds

Tidying up

  • Rake any dead leaves
  • Clear dead branches
  • Pull weeds
  • Clean up the yard so that no garden waste or debris remains on the property

Together, these landscaping projects can create significant curb appeal and create a solid first impression for buyers.

#6 Renovate Your Driveway

Your driveway forms a significant part of your home’s facade so making sure it is in good condition should be a priority. Fix any cracks in your driveway’s pavement and resurface any damaged parts. If your driveway is paved, consider adding a top coat of sealer to protect it.

#7 Stage Your Outdoor Living Area

A well-kept deck and outdoor living area can improve the beauty and value of your home. Many families are looking for an idyllic, fully staged backyard with space for entertaining.

Here are our tips to stage your outdoor living area to best effect:

  • If you currently have a verandah, deck or patio, pressure wash and stain your deck with a clear coat or neutral semi-transparent stain to improve its aesthetic
  • Showcase your home’s major selling features, such as a beautiful backyard garden or a luxurious pool, by installing well-placed lighting
  • Create strategic splashes of colour with chic, lush pot plants
  • If you have an outdoor dining table, set out plates, utensils and wine glasses to help guests envision using this space for entertaining guests

Final Thoughts: Exterior Home Staging

Staging your home’s exterior is a powerful way to sell your home faster. Exterior home staging enhances your home’s best features, increasing a buyer’s psychological motivations to buy. Here are our recommendations:

  • Hire a professional to bring a fresh, clean look to the exterior of your property
  • Brighten up your home’s exterior facade with fresh paint, including a complementary accent colour for architectural details, windows and trim
  • Revamp your front entrance with strategic pot plants and a welcome mat
  • Consider installing matching new hardware for your house number, doorknobs, lighting fixtures, and letterbox
  • Make sure your home’s landscaping and driveway create a positive first impression
  • Stage your outdoor living area and make the most of your home’s best outdoor features