Most potential homebuyers want the bedroom in the house they purchase to be a serene, rejuvenating space: a restorative retreat and an intimate sanctuary from the outside world. Our simple ideas and innovative tips will help you elevate the look of your master bedroom to create a room that impresses potential home buyers while invigorating and recharging your wellbeing. Here are our favourite master bedroom decorating ideas to make your bedroom both welcoming and comfortable.

Master Bedroom Designs

#1 Neutrals Don’t Necessarily Mean Boring

Ideally, you want everything in your bedroom to exude comfort and your colour palette is no exception. A tightly edited neutral colour scheme, full of soft and comforting shades, balanced with darker shades to keep it grounded, creates a stunning backdrop for a master bedroom while radiating a sense of harmony and restraint.

Achieve a soft, natural aura by choosing warm or cool colours that evoke a sense of calm and peace. A crisp bedroom looks clean, chic and elegant, and white bedding will make the room feel light and airy.

Light neutrals other than white, such as deep warm beige, camel, rust or airy dove grey, can create an airy, open feel that feels subtle and relaxing.

When your colour palette is quiet, you can infuse colour with subtle patterns to create interest. Mix patterns that share the same colours to avoid overwhelming the space.

In contrast, neutral walls in a deep or dark shade such as steel blue-grey or dark grey create a classic, relaxing feel, especially when paired with luxurious, silk bedding to add laid-back and modern elegance. Keep things streamlined and interesting with a bright white ceiling, tasteful accent wall and stylish bedside sconce.

#2 Layer Textures

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Textures

To make your master bedroom a dream oasis, focus on making your bed look inviting and lavish. Layer your bed with multiple pillows to give your bedroom an instant glamorous update.

Bring in texture to build a cozy look and feel. Think crisp cotton sheets, knitted throws, and silk or velvet cushions. Remember to introduce a variety of natural textures and layer your pillows in odd numbers for a luxurious feel.

If you’d like to make a statement with your bedding, try mixing and matching patterns using the 60/30/10 rule. Your first pattern should take up about 60% of the bedding, 30% should be devoted to accent pieces, and the last 10% should add a bold touch. This mix-and-match style will create a chic, cozy aesthetic.

Finally, if the master bedroom floor is not carpeted, add a lush faux fur or wool rug to give the room warmth, texture and colour.

#3 Maximise Light

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Light


One of the most powerful ways to bring your master bedroom to life is to use lighting. Coordinate your lighting to match the theme and design you have in mind. Potential home buyers love homes and bedrooms that are filled with natural light. Position mirrors strategically around your room or use one large mirror to magnify this light and make your bedroom feel brighter and more spacious.

Aim to have at least three sources of light in the master bedroom to create a well-lit and beautiful space. Use a mix of lamps, pendants, chandeliers or wall lights to create plenty of light. Hanging lamps such as glass globes can reflect the natural light that comes in through the window and decrease the necessity of artificial lights during the day. Recessed lighting in the ceiling will create the illusion of a more spacious room.

#4 Make The Most Of The Space You Have

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Space

Think realistically about the space you have to work with. Keep your furnishings scaled to the size of your master bedroom. If you want to elongate or capitalise on a high ceiling, we recommend choosing soft, vertical drapes instead of horizontal blinds and positioning them high on the wall.

#5 Choose An Art Style To Give Your Master Bedroom Character

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Art

Art is a great way to make your master bedroom look stylish. Here are some ideas:

  • Add a painting or series of elegant photographs over your bed to create a focal point
  • Create an accent wall with bold, opulent-looking patterned wallpaper, and paint the other walls in a complementary colour
  • Mix antique art with streamlined, modern art for a stylish result
  • Group artworks into threes or odd numbers
  • Embrace symmetry to create balance, elegance and structure

#6 Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy And Welcoming

Creating a cozy master bedroom is easier than it seems with these simple tricks:

  • Add a fresh bouquet of flowers on the bedside table
  • Introduce colour, pattern and texture with a healthy plant
  • If you have space, create a warm and inviting reading nook or sitting area with an elegant chaise lounge and a bookshelf

Final Thoughts: Master Bedroom Ideas

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A serene, rejuvenating bedroom is high on the priority list for the majority of home-buyers. Create a luxurious space that impresses potential home-buyers with the following tips:

  • Plan your colour palette carefully – A tightly edited neutral palette will appeal to most buyers and well-chosen colours can make your room look classy and refined. Experiment with mixing neutrals with subtle patterns or bold splashes of colour.
  • Layer textures – Make your bed look inviting and lavish with layers of soft pillows, crisp sheets, luxurious blankets and throw rugs. Use odd numbers to create balance and interest.
  • Improve lighting – Create a well-lit space with at least three different types of lighting. Maximise natural light where possible.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere – Use details such as fresh flowers, a healthy plant or a cozy reading nook to make your master bedroom feel inviting to visitors and potential home-buyers.

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