Are you looking for a way to bring retro glamour to your 21st century home and increase the resale value of your property?

Modern art deco interior design is a favourite among Australian home designers. This style can effortlessly mix and match with other styles, such as minimalism or Scandinavian design, to create a contemporary home that appeals to potential buyers. Here are our art deco interior design recommendations to achieve this luxurious style with your decor or renovation.

A Brief History of Art Deco Interior Design

First, what is art deco interior design? One of the most influential styles of the twentieth century, Art Deco was first popular in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, when it broke with convention to combine glamour and opulence with sleek symmetry, bold angular forms and playful exuberance.

Modern art deco interior design, the contemporary update to the original style, is the perfect way to make your home look both classic and unique.

Art Deco Characteristics

So how can you achieve this style in your home? Art Deco interior design characteristics include:

  • Bold geometric patterns – Seek out patterns with vertical lines, hard angular details and clear symmetry. Think chevrons, zigzags and sunbursts, sunbeam patterns, trapezoids, and jagged pointed edges inspired by skyscrapers.
  • Streamlined furniture with modern and elegant functionality – Furniture should have sleek, fluid lines. Furniture is often generously sized with an emphasis on symmetry.
  • Decadent materials – Art deco interior design frequently mixes materials like brass, chrome, stainless steel and etched or enamelled glass (white or Tiffany stained glass) with velvet, marble and polished, natural grain timber.

Art Deco Colour

Art deco interior colour schemes typically make strong use of contrast. Depending on your ideal aesthetic, you might try:

  • A stark black, white and chrome colour palette
  • A splash in a bold contrasting colour, such as emerald green, deep yellow, red, blue and pink, mixed with gold, black, silver or chrome accents
  • Bright art deco tiles or accessories
  • A softer look, combining shades of creams and beiges
Art Deco interior Design - Hallway

The strong dark colour palette, geometric shapes and textures, gracefully curving wall and shiny brass pots create a unique art deco aesthetic in this hallway.

Art Deco Floors

Bringing Art Deco chic into your home can be as simple as adding a large area rug in a bold, geometric pattern, such as zigzags or chevrons, or it can mean updating your floors with a stylish renovation. Art deco floors offer timeless style. Ideas include:

  • An abstract design in black and white tiles
  • A polished parquet
  • Linoleum in an abstract design
  • Gleaming lacquered timber floors

Modern Art Deco Bathroom

The modern Art Deco bathroom is elegant, combining charming retro appeal with luxurious modern edge. To give your bathroom some Art Deco allure, try experimenting with art deco motifs in mosaic tiles, adorn your bathroom wall with a geometric Art Deco style mirror, or adding stylish details such as moulded ceilings or picture rails. Opt for brushed brass tapware and mirrored wall sconces to pay homage the gleaming beauty of the original wave of Art Deco design.

Modern Art Deco Kitchen

An Art Deco-inspired kitchen combines functionality with sleek style. Look for black, gold and brass fittings for your cabinetry and sink tapware. Add clear glass, brass or chrome pendant lighting to brighten up the space. For extra wow factor, boost the appeal of your kitchen with a Butler’s style pantry and stylish Art Deco doors.

Art Deco Interior Design - Kitchen with sleek styling and beautiful floorboards

This kitchen at 1 First Street, Bardon takes inspiration from art deco with a stark white colour palette, art deco accents and stunning timber floors.

Modern Art Deco Bedroom

An Art Deco-themed bedroom can be a wonderful, luxurious sanctuary. Look for generously sized and decadent furniture with a sleek or geometric silhouette. For grand Art Deco flair, choose a statement piece such as a timber bed with a carved and inlaid headboard, a feature wall with a subtle geometric or leaf-patterned wallpaper, or adorn a whole wall with gleaming mirror tiles designed in a geometric shape. Choose bed linen and soft draping curtains in soft gold or a geometric pattern. Add soft, subtle lighting with a frosted glass or Tiffany enamel lampshade. or find a lamp with a chrome or faceted lamp base. If you’re an art lover, contrast your decadent Art Deco bedroom with a piece of minimalist contemporary art.

Art Deco Interior Design - Bedroom with black, cream and burgundy colour scheme

Art deco styling makes this bedroom look both sumptuous and inviting.

Modern Art Deco Living Room

Living rooms are the ideal room to experiment with a cozy Art Deco style. Depending on your design goals, you might like to add touches of Art Deco style here and there, or create a full, decadent Art Deco experience for your guests. If you choose a more eclectic Art Deco living room, feel free to use contrasting geometric patterns in complementary colours throughout the space. For a more subdued, subtle look, keep the geometric patterns to smaller, defined areas and add streamlined, minimalist furniture.

Can you renovate your home to use rich timber panelling or ornate cornices? These are classic Art Deco features that can make a big impact. In terms of furnishings for an Art Deco living room, look for a sleek chaise lounge or low, padded armchair with a round seat and a curved backrest in plush velvet. Alternatively, look for a chrome and steel frame lounge furniture in a sleek modernist design. This style, popular at the height of the original Art Deco movement, often used leather in black, red, or white, or exotic animal skins as upholstery. To bring it all together, add a large rug in a complementary shade or Art Deco pattern.

Art Deco Interior Design - Living Room

This living room, featuring a large curved ceiling and touches of chrome, effortlessly blends art deco with minimalist style.

Final Thoughts: Art Deco Interior Design

Art deco interior design is a unique and iconic style that makes your home look both classic and polished at once. Whether you incorporate small touches of art deco or devote entire rooms to this bold style, embracing art deco design can make your home stand out on the property market and impress potential home buyers.

To make the most of this stunning style:

  • Choose geometric patterns – Look for bold chevron, zigzag and sunburst patterns. Sunbeam patterns, trapezoids, and jagged shapes inspired by skyscrapers are also great ways to add art deco style to your home.
  • Seek out sleek furniture with modern, elegant lines – Furniture should have sleek, fluid lines. Furniture is often generously sized with an emphasis on symmetry.
  • Select decadent materials – Mix materials like brass, chrome, stainless steel and glass with velvet, marble, lacquered and polished timber, ideally with natural grain.