Andrew Degn

Introducing Andrew Degn, Principal And Director Of Place West

Specialising in the thriving inner-west of Brisbane, Andrew Degn, Principal and Director of Place West, possesses a prolific sales record topped only by his grounded advice and charismatic manner.

Andrew has accumulated over 25 years’ experience in real estate, consistently achieving unparalleled sales results and injecting confidence into the community. He has consolidated the sales of more than 2500 Brisbane homes, with an unbelievable average of only 40 days on the market. Not only does he achieve outstanding results, Andrew cares about the process, and communicates with his clients every step of the way.

The Real Estate Field Choose Andrew Degn

Andrew Degn has a multi-generational real estate pedigree, following the respected paths of his father and grandfather before him. He grew up playing on the sidewalks of Paddington, helping his father with inspections and watching the local community begin to change. He graduated Brisbane Boy’s College, Toowong, and launched himself professionally in 1985. Andrew was instrumental in Paddington’s revival, developing the local market, uplifting the community’s assets and watching La Trobe terrace begin to prosper. Paddington is now a thriving urban environment, attracting an entirely different demographic and arguably becoming one of Brisbane’s favourite suburbs. Increasingly valued heritage homes, the cosmopolitan café scene and a bustling sense of local community combine to make Paddington one of the best places to invest in Brisbane. Andrew has an eye for seeing the potential in things, and a strong bond with the inner west.

Andrew exercises his influence as a property expert to help promote local architecture, uphold neighbourhood values and truly represent the residents in his community. He is a highly awarded professional, licensed auctioneer and licensed sales agent. Andrew applies premium auctioneering techniques and negotiating skills to achieve 100% optimum sales results every time for his clients. His successful track record is built on an intimate knowledge and understanding of real estate in Brisbane and, even more critically, a kinship with its people.

Outside of his career as a real estate professional, Andrew enjoys fishing, yoga and tennis, and has channelled his impressive discipline to achieve a black belt in karate. Andrew is also passionate about Brisbane and loves spending time with his clients to help them uncover the gems this city offers.